Pollution has become a major problem in recent times. Only today I was watching a report on the pollution hanging over the city of Paris.  Toxic particles, mainly from car exhaust and wood burning particles, have been trapped below a mass of warm air for the last week, this New York Times article on air pollution in Paris states.

blueair 203 for health

Be it water or air, pollution is taking a toll on almost everything. The high rate of air pollution in the urban areas is making it completely unfit for breathing. Dust allergy has become a major concern for many people.  The Blueair 203 Slim Air Purification System is a great option if  you want to purify the air of your premises and breathe easily.

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Though small in size, this air purifier is capable of purifying areas up to 240 square feet, making it an equally perfect choice for homes as well as offices. This is an especially good choice for people who are suffering from asthma related problems and feel difficulty to breathe while sleeping.

Blueair 203 is the best choice for people suffering from lungs problem or allergies from polluted air. Not only purified air but also the white noise from the purifier makes it an ideal choice for bedroom use. Keeping the purifier in medium or high setting will block all sounds of the surrounding, which means, you can sleep well. The best part is, if you have a lower ceiling, you will not even need a fan. Unlike the cheap air purifiers available in the market, Blueair 203 slim has got certificate for its authenticity.

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It has received Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certification for offering the best quality purified air. Weighing around 25 pounds, the new Blueair 203 can be easily fitted into a corner or in an interior wall. Thus, there is no need to worry about dampening the image of your home for making the air clean. Yet, the blue light on the purifier might cause some problem. However, you can always cover it with a piece of dark paper or cloth. Being small in size and light in weight, Blueair 203 slim is also a perfect choice for people, who have to move frequently.

Blueair 203 Slim review

A review on Amazon by a Mr Jones says that he didn’t think he needed such a machine but after a week of using it “my allergies went away.”  He said that the machine would save him so much on medical bills it would “pay for itself within a year”.  He said that the noise is not too bad and that the back is a very BIG air filter.  He said the only downside is that you have to pay for new filters to keep the warranty live, but ” $100 a year on filters is again a small price to pay for curing my allergy issues.”

He highly recommends this Air Purifier and it gets a big thumbs up from us!  Highly recommended.

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