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Recently, a good friend of mine, once again decided to try another product she had heard about-hoodia diet pills- to lose some of the extra weight that she has been trying to lose for years. I am very skeptical each time she tries to shake off the extra weight with some new “miracle” drug or diet plan. I have watched her repeatedly become frustrated and disappointed when nothing works as it says it will. It is hard to watch someone you care about suffer after they have their hopes up, but that is what she has gone through for a long time, until now.

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My friend had heard about Unique Hoodia and after some research, she decided this was a product she wanted to try. Therefore, I stood by quietly as she jumped head first into this weight loss endeavor, waiting for her to go through the same circle of hope and disappointment she always went through. To my surprise when I met up with her later, I saw a happier slightly thinner friend. She wasn’t boasting that the Unique Hoodia was a “miracle” drug, or some advanced nutritional product that was a substitute for good balanced meals, what she was saying was the Hoodia diet pills enabled her to stop and think before she over ate.  Pure Hoodia Gordonii is what is found in Unique Hoodia pills, which aided in suppressing her appetite. She said for the first time in her life she could make good food choices because she was no longer in the hungry mode all the time, and she felt she had some real will power.

I watched her for a while before I truly believed her, and she was eating good balanced meals without over eating any more. I soon became a believer that this product did help her calm her appetite down. Some of her weight loss may also have been because she was able to choose wisely the types of food she was going to consume, but I feel that the Hoodia she took with her meals helped her not feel so hungry. This led to her being able to make slower and better decisions. She is a much happier person, because for the first time ever she feels like she can stick with her choices and not cheat, which would eventually make her give up and go back to her old ways of eating.

Where Does Hoodia Gordonii Come From?

After watching things, change for her I decided to find out what Hoodia is and where Hoodia Gordonii came from. I found that it is a type of fat plant that slightly resembles but is not a cactus, even though some people call it the African Hoodie cactus. It can grow up to six feet high and is a picky plant that can only grow in certain types of areas. It was used thousands of years ago by the Bushmen of South Africa to reduce hunger when they went out hunting on long trips and they are still using it today. It wasn’t until years later that studies began on Hoodia and interest in “South African hoodia” started to sky rocket because of the weight loss benefits.

This piqued my interest, now there seemed to be a basis for this product that was working for my friend. I might not have the same severe problem with weight that she did, but I do have some pounds to lose and I think I may try Unique Hoodia. I believe Hoodia supplement can help a person gain control over their eating habits and that many more people will buy Hoodia Gordonii in the near future as more and more success stories come out concerning this natural product. There are many places to buy Hoodia that are advertised on the market, but few give you 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii product so be careful and make sure you are getting the real deal. Does Hoodia work? I cannot say yes or no I have not used it yet, but what I can say is it has worked for the people I know who have used it, and I am going to give it a try because what I have seen is solid results.

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by Patricia Hockenbury

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