Anyone who’s looking for a colon cleanse can’t fail to come across Dr Floras Colon Cleanse.  Type it into Google and there it is, with lots of claims about being the best colon cleanse on the market.  But how true is that bold statement?  After all, we all know how easy it is for clever marketers to flood the internet with wild and wonderful reports and Dr Floras reviews.  So we thought it was time to do a bit of research to find out exactly how good Dr Floras Colon Cleanse really is.

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Dr Floras Colon Cleanse: What is it?

Dr Floras colon cleanse

Dr Floras Colon Cleanse

Dr Floras Colon Cleanse is one of many colon cleansing products on the market that claim flushing out this part of your body can help with a multitude of health problems.  Being as it is such a popular thing to do, it appears that a huge amount of people agree and use this, or similar products, to a satisfactory effect.
Problems such as bad breath, gas, bloating, gaining weight, a protruding belly, fatigue, skin problems, frequent illness, IBS and mood swings have been attributed by some medical experts as possibly being caused by a build-up of toxins in the body.  By literally flushing out the colon, Dr Floras product forces these bad toxins out, allowing the natural ecosystem of your body to gradually restore itself and help you return to optimum health.
Dr Floras Colon Cleanse is a three part system that cleanses, provides a parasite defense and then replenishes your body with the ‘good’ bacteria necessary to balance your system.
Step One – The Internal Cleanse
You have a choice before you start of taking Dr Floras bowel regulator for a few days until your motions become regular.  The internal cleanse takes 15 days and full instructions are supplied to tell you exactly what to do.  It comes in powder form and is mixed with water before drinking.

Step Two – Dr Floras Parasite Defense

Days 16-30 target internal parasites.  Many people suffer from these without even knowing about it.  This part of the colon cleanse is designed to get rid of any worms and parasites, along with their eggs, that might be causing excessive gas or bloating.  Some experts even agree that internal parasites can have a detrimental effect on your memory, and others point the finger at these for the symptoms of IBS.

Step Three – Probiotic Replenishment
Dr Floras recommend probiotic replenishment for a period of at least 30 days.  This can be done during the treatment or for the following 30 days after finishing the parasite defence part of the colonic cleansing.

Dr Floras Colon Cleanse: the Good Points

  • The product comes with clear, easy to follow instructions
  • There is no need to fast whilst carrying out the colon cleanse.  Dr Floras recommend following a healthy diet to allow the product to work to its best effect.
  • This is not a laxative product.  Unlike many other colon cleansers on the market it contains no laxatives.
  • The website is extremely comprehensive, providing the answers to many of the questions most people will be asking when looking for colon cleansing products.  But there is an option to contact their customer support should you have a question that isn’t covered

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Dr Floras Colon Cleanse: the Bad Points

Very often figuring out the not so good points of a product proves more difficult than finding out what’s great about it.  So we’ve done a little digging to find these out – because let’s face it, no product is perfect!  Here’s what we found:

  • Dr Floras isn’t cheap!  Okay – you could have worked that out for yourself, but you are going to have to shell out a few dollars – especially if you want to purchase some of the additional colon cleanse products.  However, when you compare it to Ultimate Colon Cleanse – another popular product on the market – then the costs are comparable.
  • Users of Dr Floras colon cleanse, especially first-time users, may experience some mild side effects.  These include an increased amount of toilet trips per day, feeling bloated, headaches and increased body odor.  However, these problems should be transient and disappear after a few days.
  • If you take any kind of medication you should check with your doctor whether Dr Floras Colon Cleanse is suitable for you.
  • You do need to pay attention to the course, as certain products need to be taken at certain times and days which can prove to be a little confusing.
  • Be prepared for some graphic pictures on the website of what is likely to be expelled during the colon cleanse procedure.  It’s not pretty!

Dr Floras Colon Cleanse:The Bottom Line

Well, after much research of those who’ve undergone Dr Floras Colon Cleanse, it definitely appears to work.  Many people have reported improvements such as increased energy, flatter stomach, a reduction in IBS symptoms, less gas and bloating, improved memory, a stronger immune system and clearer skin after the colonic cleansing.  But surprisingly many have reported other improvements not stated on Dr Floras website.  These include better sleep, an improvement in taste and smell, shinier hair and a reduction in joint pain.

So, in a nutshell we have to conclude that Dr Floras Colon Cleanse seems to do exactly what it says on the tin.  If you’re in the market for a colon cleanse product then you could do far worse than Dr Floras.  And the product appears to have a legion of fans that happily go back to purchase more of the product time after time.  The best colon cleanse on the market?  Well, since we are reviewers and not users of the product (at this point anyway) we can’t say whether or not it lives up to that outlandish claim.  But from our research it really does appear to be an honest product that does exactly what it’s meant to.

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