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Before we talk about Meratol, everybody knows that exercise combined with a good diet can help you reduce weight.  But both of these require dedication, the kind of dedication most of us can’t afford. Especially considering the busy lifestyles most of us endure.

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There are a number of allopathic and homeopathic solutions that claim to induce weight loss, either by reducing your appetite or speeding up your metabolism so that calories are burned faster.

While there are plenty of products such as fat burner supplements and other pills that claim to be the best fat burner pills,  a relatively new product called Meratol shows great potential in the area of non-diet weight loss.

What are the Ingredients of This Natural Fat Burner?

Meratol contains four natural key ingredients that work together to produce results:

Prickly Pear Extract.

Aids in colon cleansing and weight loss by gently moving food to the digestive track and addressing water retention.  Prickly Pear Extract also lower cholesterol, prevents excess blood sugar from being converted to fats and metabolizes fat and fatty acids that elevate cholesterol levels.

Brown Seaweed Extract.

Brown seaweed extract has been proven, in animal studies, to induce weight loss by reducing fat accumulation.

Cactus Extract.

A very effective appetite suppressant, which produces significant weight loss results.

Capsicum Extract.

Research shows that capsicum extract is very effective for weight loss.  However there are other benefits as well, it has been long used to relieve various illnesses including Asthma, bronchitis, other respiratory conditions and high blood cholesterol.


  • Meratol can reduce weight by 3-5 pounds in a week.
  • Tones down appetite and food craving, in turn reducing calorie intake by up-to 50%.
  • Reduces carbohydrate calorie absorption by up-to 82%
  • Boosts the body’s metabolism, increasing the amount of calories burnt, even without exercise.
  • Meratol eradicates water retention in the body making you look up to 10 pounds slimmer immediately.
  • No need to avoid your favorite foods allowing for a guilt free weight loss transition.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial coloring, salt or stimulants.
  • Meratol is free from side effects.
  • Vegetarian friendly.
  • Meratol is a natural fat burner that is safe for diabetics.

All these tend to put Meratol in contention as one of the top fat burners and natural fat burner supplements.

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  • It is advised that Meratol not be used while breastfeeding which in most cases means that it cannot be used to reduce post-pregnancy weight.  Although it is safe if not breastfeeding.
  • Weight loss can be achieved without a diet when using meratol, which encourages users to continue consuming unhealthy foods.

Is Meratol the Best Fat Burner?

With all the hype about natural fat burner products and the best fat burner pills, Meratol stands above the rest for the simple reason that it consist of all natural ingredients.  While there is no one perfect solution for losing weight, Meratol is one of the top fat burners solutions that does not contain chemicals or pharmaceutical ingredients.  Being a natural fat burner is what makes it worth the try, since it does not harm your body.

Before you settle for any one solution remember to read other fat burner supplement reviews online, carefully, since there are plenty of other products similar to Meratol that have shown some pretty interesting results.

One worth mentioning would be Phen 375 which is a  powerful appetite suppressant that is said to produce results.  However, unlike Meratol, it contains pharmaceutical ingredients and cannot be considered a natural solution.

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