Building Raised Beds Can Be Fun and Healthy!

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden-BenefitsGrowing herbs in small containers on your kitchen window sill is quite a common practice; it provides the right greens during the wrong months and season.  However, growing vegetables in small containers is not possible, so why not go for a raised bed vegetable garden!  Eat fresh vegetables from your own garden and live healthy!

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What is a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden?

A raised bed vegetable garden has soil on all four sides of the large container with an open bottom.  As the plants grow the roots go down through the wide hole and grow into the garden soil below.   This is a big boon for regions with poor soil as well as for anyone else wishing to grow their own veggies.

How to build a raised garden bed

You can either do it on your own in your own garden/backyard or order from the site that sells the easy-to-assemble units for this purpose. The first way would need some strenuous work but provide deep satisfaction; it would require you to get the right wood, bricks, cement, stones and rocks to erect the bed.

The Frame-it-all units , on the other hand, come in complete packs and you just need to screw in the parts and install it in your balcony or patio or the garden.   These are made of composite wood that defies rotting, are light and compact enough for any space.

Benefits of a raised bed vegetable garden are plenty as far as your garden is concerned.  It gives the place a tidier look, allows more space, adds structure and beauty to your garden, you do not need to bend over to water plants etc.  Moreover, the soil warms up quicker than the garden soil, which helps in early harvesting; the raised bed drains perfectly.

The other big benefits of raised beds are that you can raise vegetables of your own choice, see them grow and pluck them off when needed!  You spend much less than what you would when buying vegetables from the super market, be sure about what you are eating since you grow them yourself.  There is another great benefit from investing time and energy in a raised bed vegetable garden – the whole family gets involved.  Children learn the basics about growing plants, manure and soil; most importantly, they learn about patience as they watch the seedlings bloom with time.

Types of vegetables suitable for raised bed vegetable gardens

The vegetables that can be grown in a raised bed vegetable garden are – beans, broccoli, celery, garlic, cabbage, cucumber, egg plants, cauliflower, tomatoes, beets etc.    However, some vegetables grow faster than the others like the scallions, spinach, lettuce, turnip, cress, mustard greens, radish and oriental greens.

These fast-growing vegetables take approximately six weeks to bud into edible veggies from the seed stage as the germination period is short.  You must water them consistently, must never let them dry because that would make them bitter or hot to taste.

Harvest your produce in about two months or sixty days when the vegetables are ripe and mature.   Pull out the whole plant when harvesting; make sure the diameter of the plant is half an inch before you pluck.  A week later plant some more seeds and see them grow within a short span – ready for you to pluck and cook throughout the season!

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed E-book

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